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The Manor House

The history of Schloss Ziethen


The roots of the manor house lie in the 14 th century. The beautiful barrel vault originates from that period. Over the cause of time the manor house developed from this ancient origin. In the 19 th century the baroque building was reformed and two taller and more splendid pavilions where added at either corner. In 1902 the west tower with the cupola was created. Founded by the family "von Bredow" the house changed its owners several times. 1798-1828 the property was in the hands of fieldmarshall count von Blücher.

Entrance Hall

1879 it came into the possessions of the family von Bülow, who managed the estate and manor until 1945. 1994 Baroness E.v. Thüngen, born von Bülow and her family took, the by now very dilapidated house under their wings. It was restored and rebuilt and carefully adjusted to the needs of a modern hotel. In May 1997 the doors where opened to the guests for the first time. A vast park with
beautiful old trees surrounds the house.


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